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IICF Expo Lucknow - Venue Indra Gandhi Pratistan From 12 to 15 August 2017

IICF Expo Rajahmundry 11th to 15th September

MUMBAI BANDRA KURLA, COMPLEX 21st Dec 2017 - 2nd Jan 2018

ST. FRANCIS SCHOOL, AURANGABAD - 26th Feb 2016. - 7th march. 2016

HOTEL NOVOTEL, VISHAKAPATNAM - 12th Aug 2016. - 15th Aug. 2016

8th Sept. 2016. - 12th Sept. 2016

Mr.Kuldeep Kaul.
Mobile : 09811094606
Email: kuldeep.iicf@gmail.com

Mr.Umesh Chandra Pandey.
Mobile: 099800 98800
Email: pandeycu@gmail.com

We have found that great people do have in common an immense belief in themselves and in their mission. They also have great determination as well as an ability to work hard. At the crucial moment of decision, they draw on their accumulated wisdom. Above all, they have integrity. IICF is the brain child of Kuldeep Kaul & Umesh Pandey who are associated with the exhibition industry for the last 15 years and are well experienced with all the ins & outs of the exhibition field. In the last fifteen years they have achieved a good reputation with big brands, traders & other participants. In fact the names of Kuldeep Kaul & Umesh Pandey have become synonymous with exhibitions.

For the last fifteen years they have done their best for you. Now they have started their own venture and solicit your support & co-operation.
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